False Empowerment

This article first appeared on Return of Kings here: link to article

The big myth of modern feminism is that its teachings lead to female empowerment—that women are more free in this system than in a patriarchal system where she is expected to honor her man.

Not so.

Women have not become more free. Women are enslaved to the government, corporations, and to pleasure in the matriarchal world they created.

Even if you argue women were enslaved to their man in patriarchal systems, which is debatable, women still have far more masters to serve in the modern feminist world they created than the one husband and with that, far few freedoms.

The repression associated with the patriarchy is also debatable because women in patriarchal systems were expected to honor the relationship through mutual sacrifice. Men had sacrifices they were expected to make (monogamy, commitment to family). There are no sacrifices governments, corporations, and simple pleasure have to make during their enslavement if women.

Except maybe an HR department.


The government has grown and replaced honor of her man with a dependence on the government. The government has grown in power and size and has more freedom to exert power to do what it wants, and feminism is largely to blame.

Feminism grows the government by growing debt. Money is created when money is borrowed. When money is created, the entity that creates the money grows more powerful, as it controls that asset.

Feminism creates debt with the college degree. Degrees with limited job opportunities are granted to those who take out government loans to pay for them.

Feminism is to blame for these unpractical degrees because feminists preach that women must go to college to be equals to men. The result is not the same though. Women enter college not because they are attracted to building the skills to make money as engineers or businessmen, but because they are supposed to get a degree which shows they are equals to men.

Women borrow for college and then become slaves to their student debt. It must be paid back, and they cannot be free until it is. Women enter careers to pay off the student debt, spending their prime years (young and hottest) not marrying a great man with an engineering or business degree but instead working to pay off loans. This disincentives marriage for men, because they aren’t getting commitment from women in their prime. 

Men also become slaves to their debt, but are more likely to take a practical degree in engineering or computer science that teaches a profitable skill. Skills are profitable because society pays for them because society is benefited by the skills. Sociology of ethnic relations, while neat, is not profitable because it doesn’t teach a skill that benefits others.

Yes, it is selfish to major in sociology of ethnic relations.

Feminism teaches us that women were slaves to the patriarchy. There were great sacrifices by both the man and woman in the patriarchal world.

Men used to find honor in marriage by marrying a woman in her prime beauty years. In return for her giving him her best years, he was expected to be faithful with her in her later years, when his value is up and hers down. The two had a commitment to each other, and society praised those that could maintain this commitment. She was investing in the future of the man—hopefully one that showed promise. 

Now, the feminist asks him to give up his best years for her worst, after she fucks other men during those prime years. The fucking being encouraged by feminism. And that’s not all.

We further incentivize her to leave the man who puts up with her worst years by throwing alimony payments and child support to transfer his wealth to her. This forces him to be enslaved to the corporation and government tax schemes to make his payments.

Governments and corporations grow. Individual liberty is reduced. The growth of governments necessarily depends on decreased liberty for the individual because it takes more resources (tax dollars) to fund a larger government.

Feminism preaches an empowerment that’s a false empowerment. By encouraging women to work to pay down debt, men and (mostly) women become more enslaved to the growing governments instead of a mutual sacrifice from both the man and woman to commit and support each other.

It’s the greatest bait and switch ever pulled. It’s bait and switch on a macroeconomic level. Global in scope.

Women are not just slaves to the government.


Women become enslaved to corporations for the same reason they are enslaved to the government. They owe money. They went to school and racked up student loans that must be paid off. Companies are where people to go pay off those loans.

Women are more likely to choose a college major that results in careers that pay less than the masculine business and engineering degrees. Because these college graduates do not build the skills to succeed in high-paying professions, women are more likely to work in a job that pays less than recent business and engineering graduates.

Companies are extremely incentivized to keep women working. It’s simply more money for them. Companies can create more when they have more workers.

Despite claims by feminists that companies don’t want to pay women for equal work, companies are happy to pay women for creating more profits for them. The more profits the merrier.

Obviously there are some additional expenses to companies for hiring women—healthcare costs and human resource departments, but generally companies are happy to have workers making them more money, or companies would not hire women.

The glass ceiling isn’t real. Companies are amoral, not immoral. They will maximize profits and if women are creating profit, those women will be paid, and economists have proven they are, justly. Of course, women are less likely to be the creators and the decision makers because they didn’t learn the skills in college, but the opportunity is there.

Corporations keep women enslave by promoting the next big debt purchase. As women pay off their college debt, they are encouraged to buy cars and houses and vacations to Tahiti and graduate degrees. Women remain enslaved to the companies that allow them to pay off debt.

Women are not just slaves to the government and corporations.


The modern empowered woman is a slave to pleasure. She is a slave to the feeling of attraction she has towards a given man.

This has always been the case psychologically, but not in execution. In the evil patriarchy, women were told to honor their man above all and to honor meant to support and stay committed to him.

An empowered woman under modern feminist doctrine is told to honor the pleasure she receives over honoring commitment. She is told to chase pleasure instead of honor.

We see examples of this everywhere, although the vices are cloaked in virtuous buzzwords. Women are empowered when they are promiscuous. They are careful when they date around before choosing one man. They are successful when they reach director level at her company.

What is more virtuous—these buzzwords or the rejection of chasing the status and pleasure to provide for a man and a family?

Feminism says the former. Christianity, the Bible, classical books, and Buddhism all say the latter. Basically, everything that has ever been called wisdom

It is this pursuit of pleasure that is enslavement. If you crave pleasure, you are enslaved to the feeling of that pressure, and a suffering takes place in its absence. See: drug addicts. See also: the modern woman.

Through Buddhist meditation or following Biblical teaching we learn to drop our ego and our dependence on pleasure. We can choose not to seek pleasure and therefore the need to chase it. The chase can lead in disappointment and the acquiring of pleasure can lead to diminished returns, but receiving pleasure also increases the likelihood to return for more.

Pleasure necessarily feels good. When pleasure is received, it reinforces the activity and encourages the chase. There’s nothing inherently wrong with feeling good.

The problem is in the chase. There is an inherent suffering involved in chasing pleasure, and modern women suffer in spades. The suffering is in not living in the present. We want the present to be better, so we look forward to feeling better. Not only are women told to have sex with multiple people, but they are told that in conjunction with chasing a career—which they need to pay down debt. Each of these discourages men from honoring them, and the modern woman does both.

Modern feminism enslaves women to short-term pleasure seeking, careers, and growing government.

True empowerment is the ability to say “no”. In the world women created, women must pay back their loans, and they must follow what’s attractive instead of valuing commitment because a dependence has been developed to both.