Accelerationism is the primary force driving change in the world today

Accelerationism is the primary force driving change in the world. Never before has change happened as fast as it is currently happening, and that will continue to be the case.

Accelerationism is the change in state. To accelerate is to change velocity. The world is changing its velocity constantly these days. This is made possible by the more advanced, digital technology that emerged in the last couple decades, and manifests in every aspect of our lives.

New technology allows accelerationism. Every new technology ever invented has made other, new technology available – both directly and indirectly. New technology directly enables new technology because tools can be added to existing tools and improved upon. For example, the assembly line was created and then robotics were attached to assembly lines.

More recently, Salesforce created its development platform and now there are thousands of applications on the Salesforce network, some for purchase, others free. These examples show how new technologies do not improve the rate of change in a linear fashion. Where one robotic arm was attached at a time after trial and error, hundreds of apps can be developed and deployed simultaneously.

Platform technology such as Salesforce significantly enable new technology. An assembly line is limited to anyone who has access to the manufacturing floor of the shop in question. Salesforce is available to anyone with an internet connection. In America, almost zero people don’t have technical access available to Salesforce in 2018 (doesn’t mean it’s used by everyone with internet).

It’s the invention of these platform technologies – where other technologies and improvements can be made on top of one technology, that drives the constant change. This started with the invention of the internet. When the internet was turned on, people could shortly after contact multiple people at a time and solve problems from anywhere in the world through email and discussion forums. That was the beginning of what led to Salesforce applications.

These platforms and new technologies also indirectly promote new technology. By eliminating old jobs and removing the need for human labor – which is the goal of technology, new hordes of people are left in need of employment. In an advanced world, lots of that employment is in technology fields. So, the scores of people who would have found employment laboring in a profession before are now picking up technical educations and competing against or creating new technologies (not commenting on the sustainability of this, but it is the current state). These products and services are where the demand is for jobs. Plus, there’s incentives for the creative entrepreneurs through venture capital and public offerings, that offer major cash payouts to companies that succeed.

Accelerationism is the primary force driving change in the world today. This is because:

  • Digital platforms allow people to constantly build and deploy new technology.
  • Jobs are being eliminated by computers doing human work. This allows computers to aid in humans learning. This also allows more humans to be working on other ventures.

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