Why people hate Trump

Trump is disliked because he’s an arrogant billionaire. Trump is hated because he represents the results of following the laws of nature. He succeeded in business, marriage, and politics by exhibiting the uninhibited, natural behaviors that lead to those rewards.

It makes sense that the modern culture would resent this. The culture is trying to re-engineer what we think is natural. This happens with sex – look at rise in transsexual behavior and legislation, anal sex, and sex dolls. All of these replace the intimacy that naturally comes with sex. Let alone the baby that naturally follows sex and imposes commitments upon the doers. People have degenerate forms of sex not to have children and a relationship based on trust, but instead as a means to be seen as the type of person with high enough status to have lots of sex.

In the workforce, the best workers end up with status through promotions, wealth, and recognition. However, the culture wants us to believe that there is only oppressors and oppressed and that wealth is taken from the poor to be spent by the wealthy. In reality – in nature, wealth is not zero-sum, and economic value is typically created by the wealthy and shared with the lower classes through both taxes and incentivized employment. People join the workplace not to add value to the economy so they can share in trade, but instead join the economy to gain status in the eyes of others.

Despite thorough historical, economic, biologic, theological, and psychological literature on what constitutes natural, there continues to be this push toward a world that is more concerned with subjective equality and feelings not being hurt rather than actual, natural results. 

Why would society push these lies? Mostly because it pays. Having more people in the workplace means companies will have larger profits because there are more people to produce and more money going around to consume. Having people insecure about sex means they will spend more money on products and services that claim to fill these shortcomings.

This is not sustainable. The more people ignore their own biology and the feelings that result from our evolutionary design, the more delusional we become with the natural world around us. We are lying to ourselves.

When we lie to others about what we want out of a relationship or what we want out of a career (status, instead of sharing with someone or the community), we lie to ourselves because our actions go against the natural feelings that occur in all of us.

By hiding our feelings from ourselves, we become less empathetic towards others. We assume our motives are virtuous, and that others’ motives are not virtuous. We become distrusting. When we are distrusting, we are less likely to have healthy relationships with others and less likely to be trusted by producers and consumers in trade. We are less likely to be rewarded in sexual and economic markets.

Trump participates in the natural markets. He built a business by being aggressive, hard working, and cunning – traits that are rewarded in the financial markets. He succeeded in the sexual market by developing the charisma, leadership, and powerful image that is attractive to chicks.

Modern society says that these traits aren’t what lead to success. We are taught that equality is the highest virtue. That giving to the less fortunate is the path to riches. That working long hours in a career is the way to status. That being nice, instead of powerful and charismatic, is the way to a woman’s heart and pants.

These virtues are not rewarded in the natural world. There is tons of evidence that supports this. The bad boy with the tattoos and motorcycle gets the girl instead of the “nice guy”. The sociopath that plays office politics gets promoted to CEO. This is only natural.

If we don’t get material reward, at least we have our dignity because we did the right thing as a culture, right? Wrong. We did the opposite of what is true, and we behaved that way because of dishonest reasons. We wanted the girl and the status, and those things never came. They never came because we never developed the skills necessary to attract these things.

In being dishonest, we destroy our own soul rather than build it up over the competitive womanizers.

Trump’s soul is healthy compared to people that say they hate him. He built the skills to succeed in business and in relationships. This goes against everything our culture tells us from the time we are little. We are unprepared to deal with the world, and we are unprepared to deal with someone who figured it out. We are told he is wrong, but we know deep down that he did the things that would lead to his definition of success, and we did the wrong things because we were lied to about what the right things were.

Do we yell at our parents, teachers, and entertainment heroes – all of our influences that made significant impact on our lives?

Unlikely. We are much more likely to take our frustration out on the man who did the right things. People hate that they’ve been lied to about what success looks like and what it takes to be successful. These people project this hate – the deception they’ve been through, onto others. Plus, our friends, entertainment heroes, parents, and teachers will share our frustration and we can be made together.

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