3 Poems

The green grass

I swat a little bug and scratched an itch

Without looking up from the book I read

From under my lawn chair on which I sit

Foreign invader uniting enemies


A whole ecosystem getting disturbed

By my presence and yet I still complain

When under my strong foot sit murdered

Colonies that didn’t see the raid


So much life so much beauty

Exists for free in my own lawn

If we look close we see the vibrant scene

That teems with life starting from early Dawn


Whose rose red fingers light what’s on the floor

A call to action no insects ignore. 



We drink when we’ve cause for celebration 

We drink in surrender and in defeat

We drink to overcome inhibition 

And when we’re out with no plan but to eat


We’re blinded by Circe’s luring beauty 

A promised pleasure if we surrender

With each drink we’re turned to animal

Our wit with vodka thrown in the blender 


Drink makes the liar a more honest man 

The dull man more charming in his rhymes

According to his insuff’rable clan

Relieving all weakness til morning shines 


A strong man stands up to this lovely nymph 

And doesn’t need to charm a boring simp.




Salt gives flavor to grilled steak and veggies

Cooking prepped and on your meal is topped

Preserving strength until you sit ready

It makes life richer without drinking hops


The shaker provides an interaction

We share and nourish together

Knowing not your taste bud reaction

Discriminating not to him or her


Salt then dissolves and is forever nothing

The world’s a better place a good mother

Who never asked for praise or offering

Dying a completed life for others


To overindulge is never its fault

Be generous and be silent, be salt.

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