Love Poems

I’ve been doing a lot of reading since the whole virus started. Here are some poems that I wrote after reading a few books.

Winston and Julia

Their love was forbidden by unjust law

Abstinence and virtue forced from youth

All remaining was sterile sex no raw

Lust and emotion that make acts uncouth


To rebel is to choose love and to live

To choose beauty and truth in each other

When to fall in line our power we give

Not to a lover but to big brother 


While virtue today calls for abstinence 

Virtue in another time‘s to rebel

To sneak around and love with permanence

And deny authority that tries to meddle


All is for sex and sex is for power

Our love destroys your ivory tower. 


Faust and Gretchen 

Faust was given charm and understanding

Two things women happen to appreciate 

When Gretchen met him in the early evening

She was attracted to the lower fate


Before that she was perfectly chaste 

A strong believer in the Lord’s way she 

N’ere prior let a devil make her waste 

Her virtue over a moment of glee


But Faust was the tempter that brought her down

From her heavenly journey to the whore

In her single choice the devil found 

A victim’s home from which more sin was bore


So too Faust never found eternal joy

His worldly power sought could only destroy.


Clytemnestra and Agamemnon 

She married a man to become a queen

To a king who ruled without a carrot

It was next to this ruler she‘d be seen 

A position of power no one quits


Her choice of husband was never dishonest

He had his flaws in that he was greedy 

She knew from the start when she found her best

Her man would not see her singularly 


She wanted the power she wanted fame

Agamemnon gave her all these things

He sacrificed their child to make a gain

But returned home to plotted ambush waiting


Clytemnestra was transformed to a witch 

Demon owned, incapable of happiness.

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