A Demon’s Story

A demon spawns

A child is born at least as free as any

He smiles and laughs and with others he plays

Not burdened by fear or insecurity 

Then he starts to go a different way


Hormones kick in and then he wants the girl

He sees a scanty dressed one on tv

Father comments that she’d be quite a whirl

Two demons seek inside his soul to see


Weakness’s an invite heard by evil ears

But weakness is called strength by his own dad

Wanting to look good to his dad and peers

The boy decides he wants the girl unclad


In seed of want the demon makes his home

Grows wants and fears the boy will always own.


Child without demons

Born of parents in a small Christian home

He wakes before the sun and starts to play

Play and wonder are all that’s on his dome

Nothing bothers him in any way


He rides his bike in the neighborhood

Then sets up toys and has them fight

Ties a dead snail to a firecracker 

And gets the little fuse ready to ignite


There’s so much to do it’s hard to be bored

Left alone with nothing but sticks and stones

Transformed to pirates raiding foreign shores

Burying the dead’s dismembered bones


No insecurity and not a fool

But demons wait for him to come to school.


Hormonal Teenager

The summer of freedom comes to an end

Middle is over and high school starts

Homecoming and prom right around the bend

And drinking and smoking in public parks


The girls bodies begin to develop

The boys’ delay but their interest does not

A few muster courage to say what’s up

But mostly the couples look over in want


This is all natural and good and fine

Until enter pics from web and tv 

A demon snake slithering on the vine

To deliver the apple from the tree


There’s little protecting the innocent 

When corporate execs must pay their rent. 


Adult fully demon

He goes to the office to make his bread 

Targeting minds to make another sale

When other products they can choose instead 

Quarterly figures’  th’only Mary hailed


Happy hour begins at the bar or home

Fi’lls his glass with Jamison and coke

It helps him feel different than a drone

Makes fun of colleagues that try to say no


Every Friday night he hits the bar

Buys drinks for his boys and ladies unmet

He tells them he can play a sweet guitar

And tries to convince them to get undressed


Not using any higher faculty

Attracting more society casualties.


Adult repents

Happiness the goal was never achieved

Doubting everything he’d ever been told

He’s told to try out Christianity

And try to let a new story unfold


His old habits since childhood are ingrained

But trusting the source he decides

That with virtue and trust in God’s aid

He’ll cast out the demons that lay inside


He brushes the dust off his old Bible

The words of the old prayers start to come back

Renounces old material idols

Sincere he modifies the way he acts


Deciding to put his trust in the Lord

He’ll never again be alone or bored.


Devil be gone

The man is daily reminded of sin

Easy to spot in ads fashion and sorts

It takes newfound strength and believing in 

God to not give in to lusty consort


He wills it and remains forever strong

Spots the demons inside him but he trusts

In God which makes him feel he does belong

To something better than these demon lusts


Harder than anything he’s ever done

Like Job he’s torn from all he knew and loved

Like Job he’s not deterred and is now one

With Christ and accepts the symbolic dove


One with the Lord Job is granted heaven

Not held by worldly chains or whims of men.

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