Hip-hop music is going to be more heavily represented in the future

Hip-hop music will be more heavily represented in the future. It will make its way out of the cities and into the suburbs and neighborhoods. There are a few reasons for this.

Population Changes

Hip-hop music is primarily black people music. Black communities founded the genre, and they are the predominant listening group. Many others listen to hip-hop, including me, but it is a black people thing. This will not change – it will continue to be a black people thing. Black people things generally are going to be more heavily represented in the future.

There are more minority babies being born per family than white babies. This is common in socioeconomic groups. Those with lower socioeconomic standing – generally less money, have more babies. This is a reproductive strategy that promotes those that don’t have the resources to succeed and helps them compete with those who are likely to make money and be self-sufficient. In the animal kingdom, those that are at the bottom of the food chain often have more offspring than those at the top. Think sardines versus sharks. In a developed world, the weak are those without financial resources – not necessarily physical strength, while the strong are the wealthy.

Black families are more commonly poor. Therefore, it is in their best reproductive strategy to reproduce more frequently than white families. When there are more black people, they will spread their culture with the growth of the population. This means more hip-hop music. Radio stations, movies, and other forms of pop culture will represent this as well, which will spread the music to other communities.

Hip-hop is cool

Hip-hop is the cool genre. It glorifies vice and materialism which is the capitalist virtue. It is played in clubs and shopping malls and school dances. It’s the music that gets the girls bumping and grinding and Hennessy bottles sold. Corporations will promote more hip-hop music, because it sells. It sells because it feels good. Hip-hop promotes a message that is “fun” and full of “good feelings” in both its lyrics and it’s sound.

Humans are lazy. Most people don’t go out of their way to find good music. We trust what’s presented to them. If something is played on the radio, it must be good because a DJ, who should know what he’s doing, picked out the song. It’s an appeal to authority. The DJ may likely be handed the song from his station, which was handed the song by a sponsoring company. In this way, people listen to the highest bidder. The highest bidder will always be the company with the deepest pockets versus the independent starving artist.

The spread of the message that hip-hop is cool will pervade all of society. More than black people moving to the neighborhoods and suburbs, the suburban white family will be introduced to hip-hop because it is the cool genre.

Many music genres promote immorality. Rock and Roll is full of sex and drugs, and country is all about drinking beer in order to “be a man.” Hip-hop puts this to the extreme, adds decades of music videos to the mix, and gives a sexy beat that allows the listener to feel the want to be immoral.

Hip-hop is the extreme of this because nearly every song promotes promiscuity and otherwise loose morals – such as drinking, drugs, and violence. These are core themes to the music that, while present in other forms of music, aren’t put on display as publicly and aren’t felt in the same way as other music.

The music videos are not unique to hip-hop but the sexuality is. At least, it is now. The 80s had some very sexual music videos from the hair bands. In the decades since, rock music has gone more funny or cool with their videos than sexual. Hip-hop keeps pushing the sexual envelope with their videos. The genre has had full nudity in their music videos. While Motley Crue and other bands did this, the twerking and sexuality greatly increased in and after the 90s.

Finally, hip-hop adds sexual feeling. It’s the music that’s played in clubs and the music played at all levels down to the middle school dances for this reason. Hip-hop is booty-shaking, hip-swaying music. It gives a beat that allows two people to move together sexually. It gives a rhythm that moves the couple at a sex speed. It’s a lot of fun. It’s promiscuous.

Hip-hop is PC

No, not the words. Hip-hop music will become more popular because black people will continue to be given more of a voice than white people. The music will grow in popularity because they will be the ones given a shot on the radio or the choice of music on road trips.

Black people are seen as disadvantaged. Couple in “white guilt” and you get black preference as the chosen option, when it comes to picking between a white and black option. Political correctness will allow hip-hop to spread fast, because people will not speak against the music. Those that do speak out will be persecuted, even when it’s their children being exposed to Patron and promiscuous sex advertisements at their middle-school dance. There is nothing the weak, “guilty,” man can do.

The politically correct environment will accelerate all things degenerate. The lower classes are the immoral classes. When they are given the loudest microphone, they are the ones with the voice that will be heard. When immorality is the only voice being heard, and immorality is “cool” and continues to feel good, it will grow rapidly. Political correctness and hip-hop music will spin a feedback loop of degeneracy and disadvantage that will continue to spin with the momentum of the masses. The degeneracy in motion will be hard to stop.

Hip-hop will become more heavily represented because the Western World continues to decline in morality, and hip-hop music promotes the immorality that is now “cool.” Last, the PC culture will allow the music to invade non-black communities at a fast rate.