Software engineering, writing, and producing media are the most valuable skills in the world

Software engineering, writing, and producing media are the most valuable skills in the world. These are the skills that will benefit society in this age of technology. These are the skills men must learn if they are going to be valued in the sexual market for their accomplishments in the economy.


Software engineering is important because it is how things are built these days. The days of innovating with brick and mortar and physical architecture are behind us. It isn’t nearly as shareable, scalable, or receptive to change as software.

While these present opportunities for software engineers, these also present challenges to software engineers. The engineers must be able to manage at scale while being receptive to change. The two of these can be contradictory. It takes hardware investment to scale hardware. There must be servers that maintain the speed and quality of software. Also, for any organization going through changes, this can be difficult if they are constantly needing to change systems or work precedes.

To add value to a business in 2018, you must have technical abilities with software. Everything is digital these days, and every industry is a software industry. Healthcare, banking, oil and gas – these are all niche industries and also software industries. Companies operating in these spaces have become data companies so that they can make sense of their company data and make better decisions to beat the current competitions. They have a further need to become data companies to shut out potential new competitors. Data giants such as Google and Microsoft are now threats to industries that have gotten by for decades or centuries because of their niche knowledge. Now the data giants are the ones with immense control and resources.

Writing is important because it is the articulation of ideas. Writing will always be important. Even in the days of Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube, writing remains a superior method of communication and articulation. Behind every great video is a great script. Behind every piece of technology is an idea.

Writing is how we articulate and share ideas. We’ve been sharing writing since stone engravings thousands of years before Christ. Then there were books and then the internet and now we share ideas in 280-character tweets. We will continue to document our ideas – whether technical ideas relating to software engineering or philosophical.

Producing media is important for both entertainment and for distilling ideas. As gatekeepers are removed from radio through podcasts, TV through YouTube, and newspapers through social media, everyone has the opportunity to be a media producer.

The removal of gatekeepers means that more producers will have access to more consumers. There is more opportunity for niche entertainment when there aren’t gatekeepers controlling quality or content. If there are 50 people on the planet willing to pay to hear you speak or sing, you’re not going to have a show on Comedy Central. But, if you could reach those people, you could make some money – maybe enough to eat.

Software engineering is among the most valuable skills in the world because businesses are going technical. If you want to add value to businesses, you must be technical. Writing, because articulation of thought and ideas is needed to make sense of new technology, which is the driving force of economic market value. Producing media is important because entertainment will never cease to exist in humans. Creating content will be more important as those software engineers do away with media gatekeepers. This change will be documented by the writers.

Women have more intrinsic value than men.

Women have more intrinsic value than men. This means that women have more natural value than men. Nature gives women their value, where men must find their value in the world.

Women are valuable across many dominance hierarchies. Out of the box, they don’t add any more value to a corporation than their fellow man, but they have far more value in sexual markets.

Women are born with the characteristics that make them attractive to the other sex. These aren’t evident at the moment of birth, but they just need to stay alive and not interfere with the characteristics that make them attractive. A fit woman that develops a feminine physique is an attractive woman.

These (fit, feminine) are the characteristics men evolved to find attractive. A woman who is young and has hips, a butt, and isn’t fat, suggests that she is able to bear children. The hips and butt suggest fertility, the lack of fat suggests health. Biologically, that’s all a woman needs to prove her attractiveness to a man. Femininity is more about a girl’s demeanor. It means she isn’t aggressively competitive or dominant – traits that may lead to success for men in the dating ecosystem.

Women are the more selective sex. This naturally results from the woman’s egg being lower in supply than a man’s sperm. Because her eggs are lower in supply than the available demand, like any economic good, the eggs are deemed of high value. All that’s physically required of a man in order to reproduce is his sperm.

A quick sex, and he’s done his part, physically. When the man is done with sex, he can be ready to reproduce again in manner of minutes if he is young, and hours if he is older and less virile. For a woman, she requires nine months of carrying out a pregnancy, at least, until she is able to reproduce again. Plus, she is at birth (at the latest) bonded to the child she carried with her for those nine months. The child will generally remain under her care until it is ready to join the world without her. Legally, that typically happens at 18 in the United States, and that’s about the minimum that an individual is mature enough to go on his own.

Those 18 years and nine months require resources and time. Therefore, the woman is incentivized to attract a man that will remain with her and share the investment in raising the child until it is an adult (at least). Therefore, she must be more attractive enough to, at least, be selective enough so that the man chooses to remain with her instead of leaving to maximize his reproductive abilities elsewhere. This form of commitment must be reached by appealing to a man on a physical and emotional level and, hopefully, his mental values.

All these characteristics, those required to attract the man, and those required to gain commitment of a man, are natural gifts given to women at birth and realized as she matures. She does not require building these skills out in the world, where the man’s ability to provide resources do require building skills.

In her own psychology, a woman can be gifted with the confidence that she will be able to attract a mate based on the gifts she was given at birth. This confidence is shakable, no doubt, but she can have confidence in something without needing to build skills that would allow a man to be attractive to the other sex.

Women have more intrinsic value than men because she is born with her sexual value and her ability to choose a mate. These attractive characteristics evolved out of the necessity to reproduce, and the woman’s egg is more valuable than the man’s sperm. Because she is born with this, she can have a natural confidence in her interaction with the world.